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Ms. DiNoto's Class
Instructor: Ms. DiNoto   
It is a pleasure to have you as part of the Room 26 family this year.  Parents, please be sure to send me your email if you have not already done so, in order that I may keep you updated as to what is going on.  My email address is:
Thank you!
Room 26 Paper October Week 1

Hi again! It’s Kelly and Taanish here. It’s the first week of October and things are getting chilly. Around 29 more days till Halloween. Here’s some news that happened this week.

Whew! It’s been a month and now it is October. How do you feel now, that a month just past? Do you feel more confident because you paid your rent? If you paid your rent, then you get to do fun stuff like playing on the Wii. Do you feel scared because of fines? If you did not pay your rent, it is the exact opposite. You go to Ms. DiNoto’s room and you write about why you did not pay your rent. Or do you think you’re in the middle? 5th graders feel really confident now since we survived a month of school.

Time flies by very fast! Your research for the Native American project research is due on October 7 (next Wednesday) and the real project is due on October 26 (next to next to next Monday). And we also have a science project due on October 5 ( Next Monday). Make sure you have everything done or else…… game over. You will get fined. Man we have a lot of projects going!

Finally… looks like we’ve done a lot of testing! Our class did the writing assessment last week and now we did some math tests. You’ve probably got your results on your math tests, but you’ll maybe get your writing assessments next week. 5th grade is on a very tight schedule of testing!

That’s it for the second issue for the Room 26 Paper. Hope you have enjoyed this news report. Have a nice weekend!

Written by - Kelly Y. & Taanish A.

The Room 26 Paper - September 25, 2015 News for Week of 9/21 By - Kelly & Taanish

This is Kelly and Taanish reporting on the Room 26 news. We are reporting from Ms. DiNoto’s classroom. Here are some interesting stories that happened this week.

Our class started a Native American Living History Museum. We are going to present it on October 27 in the MPR. The class is going to present the Native American’s clothes, their natural resources, and many more interesting facts. We also have to make it interactive. Our groups could dress-up as the Native Americans or learn their language. All classes in fifth grade are going to work on this project. Good luck fifth graders!

Our class and many others are reading a book called Rules. It’s about an autistic boy named David and his older sister named Catherine. The book is from Catherine’s point of view, so you can see how she feels toward her autistic brother. We hope you all enjoy the book!

In the fifth grade science class, all fifth graders have to get a random element. Everyone has to find information about their element such as uranium and tholium, radioactive metals. Then, we write the symbols on our periodic table cards and write the info inside it. Looks like Ms. Fortgang’s looking forward to this!

Our class also started on a program called “Genius Hour.” It’s a program where we use our imagination and challenge ourselves to make something that is possible to do. After we are done making it, we present it to… well lots of people! Genius Hour has helped lots of people throughout history, such as Google and a few other companies who have gotten new ideas for their businesses. We hope you enjoy this program!

So that does it for the first edition of the Room 26 Paper. If you would like to listen to the “Periodic Table Song”, go to and search, “The Periodic Table Song.” Have a nice weekend!

Written by - Kelly Y. & Taanish A.

Thanks to Ms. DiNoto to make this possible

News of May 25th - May 31st

Hi guys! How are ya? I know we’re now mostly STRESS FREE!!!!! HOOORAYYY!!! We finished our SBAC tests! Isn’t this great?! You should invite your children to a celebrational lunch soon! Or dinner! So yeah! Moving on!

We have had so much these past few weeks. We also have a little surprise, a play. Thats so cool isn’t it? I am sure that some of your kids must have auditioned. Even though your child may not of get in they still have tons to do. So remember no part is small and memorizing songs is hard. We also are doing a music video. We finally know how it is in Hollywood. It is hard. I had to fall down 20 times. Not fun. Well that's a lot of showbiz for one day .

We just had our last Spelling Test! Yay! One less thing to study about is great. We need more to time to study on a HUGE(ish) test. Next week, we have a math test that could affect our placement next year when it comes to math. Next week, we will be taking a test in all that we learned this year and some other things to see if we can learn 6th Grade Math over the summer. Why would we take 6th Grade Math over the summer? If we qualify because of the test, we would learn the math ahead so that we would learn 7th Grade Math next year. Cool, but you should remember to consult your child about this first. You wouldn’t want to make your child angry or upset because of this, right?

That’s all we got for this week! I We really hope that you like this! Please stay in tune for the next update! Hang in there parents and students. We only have twelve days left of school! News Directors, out!
News of May 4th - May 8th by Yana and Jayda

Hey it’s Yana and Jayda! Sorry that it’s been so long since the last time we’ve updated! Are you ready for what you’re about to hear?

First off, do you remember how Drama Club started this year? Well, guess what? The Drama Club has had their very first play! The play is called the Map of the World: Why Pirates Sailed to Kanas. This is a story of pirates that “sailed” to Kansas. A ragtag group of “pirates” attempt to sail to a treasure that their determined chicken farmer of a captain, Bluebeard, wants to find. The treasure he wants to get is on a map he has inherited from his uncle which sets him off on this disastrous hunt. He doesn’t even have a fine, real pirate crew or a fast ship. Along the way, their Captain Bluebeard learns to use a map thanks to the crew members who ended up being quite useful when it came to the symbols, the lines on the map, and most importantly, what were continents, seas, and oceans!

The kids of Map of the World have worked very hard to pull this off. We even have some kids that are here to tell us about their journey. One the characters Greasy Pit the cook is present. Kyle (aka Greasy Pit) says that he had a wonderful time. He thought that it was very fun. Ethan how did you like the play? He thought it was very exciting. It was fun to be apart of such a unique production. I think everyone in the cast enjoyed this amazing play. Even though it had there was some technical difficulties I thought it was an amazing play. Though their are still some more people we ought to thank. Don’t forget the actual directors of the play Ms.DiNoto and Ms.K. We should give a big round of applause Story Coverage by Yana

We also presented our Social studies. I was so nervous but it turned out to be very cool. So many different ways to teach such information. I think one of the most hit ways to present was an animation website called pow toons. We also started our science element presentation. It was kind of boring after a while because people just wrote page of info. Though I think that was also a big success. I don’t if you heard but the whole fifth grade will be doing some sort of lipdub. We will be doing the song I’m on top of the world by Imagine dragons. We will get to you with more info next week once we have started recording.

This is it for this week we will be getting more information next week. We hope you have a wonderful day. News directors out!

News for the Week of Sept. 29- Oct 3 by Jayda and Yana

Hey guys! Welcome back we had lots of fun this week. We did our social studies project, writing native american story and many more. Read on to find out what happened this week!

This week in Mr.Chu’s class, we got to make marshmallow models of water molecules! It was lots of fun and delicious! That was one of the best experiments ever! We are currently discovering new things about water and the water cycle. Cool right?

We’ve been doing something called a Scribble Art in Ms.DiNoto’s class for a couple weeks now, where we make a flower out of different squiggle shaped. It looks kinda ugly at first but it gets better. It actually looks pretty after you finish. I think that everyone's flower will look great. Do you think so too?

That’s all we have for this week. See you next week! News Directors out!
News for the Week of Sept. 22- Sept. 26

By Yana and Jayda

Hello parents! How are you guys? Do you want to hear about the students in Ms.DiNoto’s class? Alright then read the next few paragraphs to find out.

There some new things that we are doing like drama club and also we are starting top dogs. If you want, you can sign your daughter/son up for one of those. Cool right? Your child may be one of the first to be in Drama Club. He/She might be remembered in Baldwin Stocker History! But don’t forget to ask your child first, I don’t think it would be a good idea to make them do something they don’t want to do.

This week, we got an assignment in Ms. Katochvil’s class. It’s is our first real project, and that means we get a big bonus if we get a seventy-five percent or higher. So I suggest that you supervise your child and make sure he/ she doesn’t try to pull it off at the last minute. A sign in Ms.Kratochvil said “Warning: Due Dates Are Closer Than They Appear.” So if any students are reading this, please, PLEASE DON’T PULL IT OFF AT THE LAST MINUTE.

Thank you for reading. Sorry it’s kind of short. But stay tuned for next week’s news! News Directors out!

News for the Week of September 15- September 19

By Yana and Jayda

Hello parents hope you had a wonderful week, we had an amazing week. So read along to find out about the adventures of Room 26.

Guess what happened? We did our first experiment in Mr. Chu’s class this week!! It was so awesome! We dropped an egg in fresh and salt water. We wanted to see if the egg would float in either, both, or none of the waters. We had a lot of fun doing this experiment. We found out that eggs cannot float in fresh water and can barely float in saltwater. It was our Science Engineers first piece of action, their first time doing their job. Awesome right? Wait until you read the next paragraph!

We also started a social studies project. Where we will do a digital story about Native Americans and everyone will do a presentation on an Indian tribe. We also started making a kachina doll. It has to represent something special, or someone you think is special. The hardest part of creating one is finding an element or animal that matches the person’s personality and finding a way to express that element, turning that element or animal into a kachina doll.

That’s it for this week. Read next week to see the progress of everything. News Directors out!

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